Grand Master Monie Velez of WOTBAG


Grand Master Monie Velez of WOTBAG

Richmond Balintawak in Atlanta is hosting Grand Master Monie Velez of WOTBAG and his protege Master Eugene Nepangue on May 30th. This will be the first stop of GM Velez’s Inaugural US Tour.

Grand Master Velez is the son of the late Great Grand Master Teofilo Velez, founder of the World Original Teofilo Velez Balintawak Arnis Group (WOTBAG) and one of the three current pillars of WOTBAG.

All levels and all styles are welcome.

Date: May 30th, 2015
Time: 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Who: Grand Master Monie Velez and Master Eugene Nepangue
What: World Original Teofilo Velez Balintawak Arnis Group (WOTBAG)

Where: Atlanta Budokan
Location: 2508 Cobb Pkwy, Smyrna, GA 30080

Price: $85

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World Original Teofilo Velez Balintawak Arnis Group (WOTBAG)

Teovel’s Balintawak Arnis was renowned by our late Great Grand Master “Teofilo Velez”. He was the one who started propagating art of Balintawak Arnis, Grand Master Teofilo Velez & Late Grand Master Atty. Villasen they are the one who initiate to modify on how to teach Balintawak Arnis in easiest way for students. The Velez Brothers (Chito, Eddie, Monnie) are known to be his successors and the first ever instructors of Grand Master Teofilo Velez are his sons: Pacito “Chito” Velez, Ramon Franco “Monnie” Velez, and Eduardo “Eddie” Velez Sr.

When Late Grand Master Teofilo Velez passed away because of cancer, Mr. Chito Velez was chosen by the members to be the New Grand Master of Teovel’s Balintawak Arnis. Few years after, the Velez Brothers continued teaching the Balintawak style of Arnis. Grand Master Monnie Velez teaches Arnis at his home in Englis, Guadalupe Cebu and later at Ayala Park while Grand Master Eddie Velez teaches Arnis at one of our Headquarters in Guadalupe, Cebu. By the year 2007, the Velez Brothers regrouped. Grand Master Monie Velez and his students came up with the name of WOTBAG which stands for “World Original Teovel’s Balintawak Arnis Group”. With the help of Master Oliver Mag-uyon, they were able to register the group to the Secretary of Exchange Commission in order for it to be legalized and they were also able to elect new sets of officers.

Now the The Three Pillar’s( Velez Brothers ) introduced a new method of teaching, focusing on the students’ performance on flexibility, timing, speed, hitting points, defense and offense,knife fighting. They were also able to share their tactical skills by using all the knowledge they have learned during their training with their late father, Great Grand Master Teofilo Velez which he also learned from his late mentor, Great Grand Master Anciong Bacon, who introduced the Balintawak Style.Now we have our WOTBAG and IPMAF Balintawak Eskrima Poland Association by cooperation of Agreement by their Chairman GM Dr. Andreas Boruta as official representative of WOTBAG in Europe will help on developing and propagating WOTBAG.


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