Counter Blade Tactics with Guro Jerome Teague

Counter Blade Tactics

Counter Blade Tactics

Counter Blade Tactics with Guro Jerome Teague

Date: Sunday, February 21st, 2016 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Who: Guro Jerome Teague

What: Counter Blade Tactics

Act Tactical for Film
3715 Northcrest Rd, Ste 35, Atlanta, Georgia 30316

Registration / Price: $50

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Matt Clanton (ATFF founder) and Atlanta Southeast Asian Martial Arts proudly present Guro Jerome Teague for a public seminar on Counter Blade Tactics. If you have never trained on the bladed system of the Filipino Martial Arts here is your oppourtunity to learn a straight forward and effective method of blade training. Guro Jerome will be instructing on some core blade to blade and empty hand to blade concepts. This progression is designed to take you from 0 to proficient in a short time.

Topics Covered will include:

Defensive Methods
Fatal and Non Fatal Applications
Reflex Drilling
Basic Empty Hand to Blade Defense

Cost is $50 to pre-register at the link below to secure your spot. Participants limited to 20.

Join us at the new ATTF Studios Facility for what will be the first of many great training events in the future.

ATFF Studios:
3715 Northcrest Rd, Ste 35, Atlanta, Georgia 30316

Free Cacoy Doce Pares Workshop



Free Cacoy Doce Pares Workshop

Come out and celebrate SGM Cacoy Canete’s amazing life by training in his wonderful system with Guro Brian Brown (3rd Black Cacoy Doce Pares) and The Atlanta Martial Arts Club. All systems and styles are welcome!

Date: February 14th, 2016

Who: Guro Brian Brown

What: Free Cacoy Doce Pares Workshop

The Dojo American Karate Centers
3005 Old Alabama Rd #60, Johns Creek, GA 30022

Registration / Price: FREE !!!

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Doce Pares (Spanish for twelve pairs) is a form of Arnis, Kali and Eskrima, or a Filipino martial art that focuses primarily on stick fighting, knife fighting and hand-to-hand combat but also covers wrestling and other weapons as well. In reality, the stick is merely considered an extension of the hand, and is meant to represent almost any weapon, from sticks to swords to knives to anything else you can place in your hand and use as a weapon in the modern context. Doce Pares was founded in 1932.


On Camera Combatives: Level 1 & weapons flow

On Camera Combatives

On Camera Combatives February 28th 2016

On Camera Combatives: Level 1 & weapons flow

Date: February 28th, 2016
Time: Sessions start at 10:00PM – 6:00PM.

On Camera Combatives will be hosting a LEVEL 1 Course in Atlanta, GA – October 10th (Sunday).

Buckhead Fight Club : 3293 Buford Hwy NE #500, Atlanta, GA 30329

Sunday morning through the evening. Class will begin at 10:00AM with several workshops throughout the day. Class will end around 6PM.

Actors, filmmakers, martial artists, enthusiasts. This is a chance to take your acting to the next level, learn our program, and join our On Camera Combatives (OCC) Community of industry professionals.

Learn how to properly and most effectively sell fight movement on camera, and be seen as a professional on set. Action media is a widely expanding market,

Registration / Price:
New Student: $125.00 / person
Group Rate (5 or more) $112.50 / person
Return Student: $75.00 / person (25$ off if you bring a new student!)

To register email

On Camera Combatives Facebook Invite

The event will teach our fundamentals in:
* Weapons Use (blunt and blade)
* Hand-to-Hand Combat
* Fight Movement and footwork
* How to move with partners and flow
* Selling Action and taking hits
* Body Language and screen presence
*Camera Angles and perpectives on action
*How to shoot your own action sequences

We will not just be learning concepts, but applying them. This is a hands-on course where we will be working with partners and groups to Get Combative! (On camera of course)

All students will get the chance to be on film (HD Video included) and get photos (Group and Student-Teacher photos included).

An Official OCC T-shirt is included with the course!

Head Instructor Ryan Monolopolus & Assistant Instructor Wayne Wells

Monolopolus Productions